In the Fall of 2000, Dr. Timothy Johns and the Rock International family-of-churches, started Rock Solid Urban Impact, a not-for-profit 501C3 charitable community development corporation. Rock Solid Urban Impact (RSUI) was established to facilitate social transformation on a practical level and to help train at-risk urban youth in life skills. Rock Solid Urban Impact later bought an abandoned inner-city parochial school along with vacant lots to be used for outreach, training, and community gardens. With a conviction that the kingdom of God is all-encompassing and the market place is a key setting for making disciples of Christ, Rock Solid Urban Impact has helped to launch Kingdom businesses and the “Urban Farming Guys”. See

RSUI combined relational community with sustainable community in the inner-city of Kansas City, which proved to be a winning combination for urban transformation. Crime rates dropped and young people were equipped with life skills within the context of loving “family”.

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