Mentoring Program

Rock Solid Urban Impact is developing mentoring opportunities, training at-risk youth to live and work successfully. It is designed to connect our inner-city youth to positive role models and resources in metropolitan areas. Many youth are "at-risk" due to negative role models, chronic poverty, poor parenting, crime filled environments, and drug abuse. These circumstances have drastically hindered development among youth and have fostered poor social and life skills. Without these valuable skill sets, urban youth are limited in their ability to succeed in life.

What is being taught:

  • Judeo-Christian values to strenghten the heart, mind, and character.
  • Communication and relational skills.
  • Practical lifestyle management skills.
  • Excellence and efficiency in the workplace.
  • Basic knowledge in home repair, computer literacy, and service industries.

    What will be provided:

  • Needs assessment of youth
  • Transportation to and from the Rock Training Center
  • All necessary materials
  • Lunch between training sessions
  • Intensive mentoring in small groups
  • Ongoing followup with whole family
  • Field trips and recreation

  • Please contact us for more info.